A Step-by-step Guide on Hiring an IT Director or Manager

IT staffing

What does your IT hiring look like?

We recently came up with a guide to help with the vacuum of IT talent for small and midsize organizations. Generally speaking, most IT professionals prefer to work at larger companies or at places with ongoing complex technical problems to solve. A 30-person nonprofit or small office of accountants is not exactly a dream job for most IT people. Because of this, we have put together our own hiring guide that lays out the process and tips that we use in finding our own talent. Whether you are a recruiter, a business owner or just someone tasked with hiring… this guide will aid you in your process.

If you’d like to access the free guide, then just go to: https://www.sym.bio/hire-an-it-director-guide

I recently posted about this on LinkedIn as well, which can be found here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/guide-hiring-director-manager-jeremy-stayton