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VMWare View Horizon: Things I wish I knew earlier

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In working with VMWare Horizon View over the years and through many different versions we’ve often stumbled across problems or bugs that were worth buckling down and trying to resolve because the rest of the release was otherwise stable.  4.6 was a great release.  5.1 was the next version that we stayed on and now it looks like 6.1 will be around for a while.  Finding solutions for problems like USB ports not redirecting or sources busy errors if the console has been left logged into have been very version specific.  However, through all of the versions of View that we’ve used there are a few things that I wish I would have known sooner that apply to any of them.

Linked Clones can’t be moved between datastores without refreshing or expanding to full virtual machine

Moving a linked clone pool the View Admin console will automatically cause each Virtual Desktop to refresh and there isn’t any other way to move them.  If you absolutely need to move a Linked Clone Virtual Desktop’s storage targeted for some reason, you can blow it up into a full stand-alone Virtual Desktop and add it to a separate pool.

PCOIP has the potential to use tons of bandwidth – lock down per client bandwidth limits

I’ve witnessed a full screen video across pcoip completely saturate a 50 mb circuit (and the video was still a little choppy).  No matter how small a remote office is or how much bandwidth is available, we always implement traffic shaping rules to prevent a single user becoming an internet hog.  I usually start at 40% maximum bandwidth utilization per device for the entire circuit for offices of 15 users or less.  That way, it takes 3 devices to overload the internet connection.  This change has helped reduce the number of “slowness complaints” for users of our Virtual Desktops dramatically.

If a user resets their Virtual Desktop while it’s starting up it can send a Windows 7 machine into startup repair

We were chasing this issue down for quite a while.  We would come across a Virtual Desktop where the user was reporting that they could not log in and it was stuck in a startup repair loop.  What was happening was a user would restart their Virtual Desktop for whatever reason and then try to log back on right away.  Getting an error message along the lines of “no sources available” they would click okay and then be taken to a screen on their Teradici thin client with a button “Reset VM”.  The user would click the button, sending the command to reset their dedicated Virtual Desktop through the View Connection Server to the Vsphere server and the virtual machine would restart mid boot.  The next time it came up it would go into startup repair.  This issue was easily resolved once we figured out what was happeneing with the commands listed below.

From an elevated Command Prompt (cmd – right click – run as administrator)

bcdedit /set {default} bootstatuspolicy ignoreallfailures

bcdedit /enum