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Upgrading to a High Performance Storage System

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With summer almost upon us, we’re excited to announce that we’ve completed the deployment of our new high performance storage system. This system is orders of magnitude more performant than our existing system and it means we will no longer have a single spinning hard drive in production. We’re going to complete the data migration portion of the project over the next couple months, and then the last vestiges of 1970’s era technology will finally be behind us. We are now a Virtual Desktop provider that doesn’t use hard drives for anything other than data backups!

What this means for our clients is that our VDI environment will be much more responsive from a user experience perspective and load times for applications will be dramatically reduced. We’re excited to roll out this upgrade to all our clients as a value-add and competitive differentiator for the years to come — aren’t you glad you got rid of that clunky desktop computer?