About Us

Symbio is a family of dedicated geeks. We have grown to provide managed IT services to companies all over North America, despite our humble beginnings. Our team works together to support our clients and to deliver premium service. We love solving puzzles and have tons of fun tackling new challenges. Our company culture is built on a foundation of mindfulness and ethics.

We know running a business is hard work. You need your IT to keep pace with evolving technology, freeing you to focus on what you do best. Every client is a business partner and we treat their productivity and success as if it was our own.

At Symbio, we handle your end-to-end needs, providing flexible and secure services to satisfy your specific needs. Our exceptional team will work with you to meet your infrastructure and software demands. We are committed to streamlining your productivity and ensuring that everything runs smoother, faster, and better.

Symbio scales to match your growing business. We provide a comprehensive solution that allows you to seamlessly expand your workforce. We handle all the hardware, network systems, infrastructure improvements, security upgrades, and compliance requirements. We provide on-call support with our experts, including 24/7 emergency support for when you need it the most.

We design systems using current best practices to simplify your business processes, so you can be more efficient and effective.

The foundation of our platform is designed to provide a flexible platform for your business.  No waiting days for servers to be ordered or software to be installed.


We can rapidly deploy new systems or scale back existing systems to meet your businesses specific demands.  You know your technology will scale with your business for a predictable cost.

Industries Served

We are proud to serve clients across many industries, providing unique benefits to each. Below are some specialized offerings tailored to a few of the industries we serve:

FINRA and PCI compliance with secure access to encrypted data

FISMA compliant for worry free audits, security, and confidentiality


ALA/NALP approved with a scalable platform to support any number of offices

HIPAA and HITRUST compliant with experience storing sensitive medical data

No Surprises! One flat monthly payment so you can keep working on what matters most


From real-estate professionals to research firms, we have tailored our IT solution to suit your needs.


"We worked with Symbio to transition to a Virtual Desktop System, which immediately improved our staff’s ability to work seamlessly across platforms and effectively from remote locations."

"We are currently in the process of opening new office locations and Symbio has made the technological side of our growth easy and the cost easily quantifiable."

"We are consistently impressed with Symbio’s dedication to Quality Service and Reliable Support."

"From the outset we have found that the people at Symbio have far exceeded our expectations for transitioning our stand alone server, desktop model IT systems to a system that is fast, organized, efficient and secure."

"When we understood the magnitude of IT management issues confronting our company, I knew immediately that we needed a consultant that could not only help us maintain our IT functionality, but also help us to map out a plan for converting multiple users, systems, servers and software into a manageable platform able to meet all of our needs. Symbio really became our IT partners."

"Symbio took personal responsibility and accountability for assuring that we could effectively transition into a cloud based solution."

"Grappling the increased complexities involved with transferring large data files across the country, intermittent power issues in some locations, and our vulnerability to security risks, we quickly became convinced that Symbio was the right option for us."

"Most importantly, Symbio is our partner- a vital team member in allowing us to focus on our clients and customers with the peace of mind knowing that we don’t have to worry about our IT systems anymore."