The Garden of Business IT – Growing Your Own or Farming IT Out

We live in a world of outsourcing.  Can you think of any tasks you outsource? At home, do you groom your own pets? Does your energy come from solar? Do you raise your own chickens for eggs and chicken parmigiana? Do you grow all of your own vegetables? When it comes to technology, do you build your own smartphone? What about computer maintenance?

The popularity of outsourcing our everyday needs has been on the rise ever since the industrial age. Today, we live in the age of technology. New outsourcing solutions evolve as our technology expands. Why should we outsource the production of our veggies to a third party like farmers? Why should you outsource your business’ IT needs? Outsourcing has its pros and cons, and we will look at some factors you should consider in this article. To illustrate this point, imagine planting a garden.

So you want to grow your own garden.

Great! Here are some of the benefits of having your own little garden:

  • You get to plant the seeds and watch them grow
  • You are literally able to taste the fruits of your labor
  • You can observe all the processes that the plant goes through
  • You feel proud when you serve a home grown salad on your dinner table

Everything seems good so far. Why would someone buy their vegetables from the store? Here are some obvious and not so obvious reasons:

  • You can find food in several convenient locations like famers’ markets and stores
  • You avoid the expense of buying materials
  • You can find a wide variety and abundant supply of vegetables
  • You might not have the knowledge, the time or energy resources to grow your own
  • You have no way of guaranteeing that your garden will yield the results you want
  • You may not have enough room for gardening on the scale you’d like, if at all
  • If you run into a pest or fungus problem you don’t know how to handle, it may destroy your garden

What does this have in common with business IT? Well for starters, planting your own garden is like handling your own IT in house, and requires some of the same planning skills you’d apply to creating your garden.

  • You get to build your own IT systems and management from the ground up (no pun intended)
  • You work out the kinks in your own systems and reap the rewards of your own hard work
  • You are able to directly oversee the hardware, servers, and maintenance of your IT
  • You feel proud when you grow from your mistakes and learn new things

What about outsourcing your business IT? Outsourced IT is alive and flourishing in many industries. Why?

  • With outsourced IT, you get state of the art security; your data is secured in elite data centers with advanced security measures
  • Money spent on the hardware and maintenance costs of your hardware infastructure can be dramatically reduced by utilizing cloud based systems
  • The time you spent managing your IT can now be used to focus on the growth of your business
  • Scaling your hardware and software to accommodate growth is a seamless process
  • You have a team of specialists who are expert at keeping your systems safe, secure, and efficient

Given all the pros and cons of keeping your produce or IT in house, what would you choose? Both are viable options. The real question is, what is best for your business? We recommend that you outsource your IT if your needs outgrow your ability to manage them in house. We encourage you to research your options further before making any big decisions. Think of the prospect of managing your own IT needs in house in the same way that you would consider planting a garden to meet all your food needs.