To Outsource or Not To Outsource Your IT

Outsourcing IT can be a challenging proposition as IT has become increasingly more critical to operations… just think, in years past you could get work done with a pad of paper and a telephone. Today, what happens when you can’t get into your computer? Or you don’t have access to your email? For most organizations this causes a complete standstill.

When it comes to deciding whether to outsource or not, the best course is usually to outsource certain functions and not others. This is highly dependent upon the size and type of organization you are in, although managed service providers, or MSPs, are starting to perform many of these critical IT functions better than an internal team. One of the hardest challenges for smaller organizations is that when they get to 20 or 30 people a dedicated IT resource is often needed and the cost to hire that person isn’t in the budget (see the IT Hiring Guide here: This is also a bit of a burnout job at this smaller scale because there is nobody to cover for them during vacation or sick days.

We’ve put together a guide to help you determine the right type of IT for you. The guide contains a clear comparison of the different types of IT vendors, how to choose a vendor and a checklist for evaluating service level agreements.

Grab the guide here: